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Dress Code


We are enrolled in the discount dance program:

If you want to order online, just give them the following information;

Teacher ID Number: TP 114644

Customer Number: 804743

Ages 3-5 and 5-7

Leotard and tights of any style /color

pink leather ballet slippers. Please no Target or Payless shoes.

White tap shoes with elastic.

Hair pulled off the face.

Jazz Dance Combo

dancewear or comfortable exercise attire (no jeans) and clean sneakers. Hair pulled off face.

Pre Teen and Pre Company

Leotard of any color, preferably no skirts or shorts attached. Skirts may be worn for ballet.

Jazz, Tap and Hip/Hop A form fitting shirt, dance shorts and or jazz pants may be worn. Tan U buckle tap shoes, pink leather ballet slippers used for ballet and jazz. please no target or payless shoes

Hip/Hop sneakers.

Hair up and off the face 

Tights Theatrical pink, jazzy tan or black tights.

Junior and Senior Companies

Ballet: solid color leotard. Theatrical pink convertible tights. No skirts or shorts may be worn.

Warm ups may be worn during the first 15 minutes of class with instructor discretion.

Pink leather ballet slippers. please no target or payless shoes.

Hair up off face and neck.

*Pointe classes must wear a black leotard.

*Pointe shoes at teacher discretion only


Lyrical, Tap, Jazz and Hip/Hop:

Leotard of any style or color. Tights must be stirrup, footless or convertible. Colors can be theatrical pink, jazzy tan or black. Form fitting shirts, dance shorts, and jazz pants are also acceptable.

Hair up off face.

Proper footwear must be worn to all classes.

Hip/Hop: Black hip/hop/jazz sneakers

Jazz: shoes will be determined upon a selection of a costume.

Junior Tap: tan "U buckle" tap shoe

Senior Tap: black tie tap shoes

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