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About Us

Creative Arts Dance Conservatory's vision is to see the child as well as an adult pursue their dance goals in a nurturing atmosphere. Where the love of dance through creativity is explored and expressed.

We have non-competitive classes as well as a competion team.

Dance is used as a way of communication between soul and body and it gives one the freedom to express the whole self in ways pen and paper cannot describe. Communication is the primary purpose of dance and a dancers movements become that visual art form which communicates an individual message or enhances a message. Dance is one of the few arts in which we, ourselves, are the material and every dancer becomes the ultimate artist; creating his or her own work.

We believe that in our fast paced world children need, and greatly benefit from, a CREATIVE OUTLET and the earlier we show our kids how much fun the arts are the better. The goal is to enrich your child in the beauty of what they can achieve through the arts. Freedom of expression in dance and music lays a foundation and a platform for whatever one might do in life. 




To bring out yourself and/ or your childs Creative Expression.        

Our desire is to create a positive atmosphere, which will encourage freedom for students to grow in their passion for the art of dance!

Having an "I CAN DO IT" attitude is the goal for each student.

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